D.C. Circuit Says Gitmo Detainee Isn’t An ‘Enemy Combatant’

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The D.C. Circuit ruled that the U.S. military improperly classified a Chinese Muslim detainee at Guantanamo Bay as an “enemy combatant.” The court overruled the Combatant Status Review Tribunal’s decision that Huzaifa Parhat is an enemy combatant.

     The judges ordered the government “to release or to transfer Parhat, or to expeditiously hold a new tribunal consistent with the court’s opinion.” Parhat has been in U.S. custody in Cuba for more than six years.
     The decision came on the heels of a Supreme Court ruling that the approximately 270 detainees at Guantanamo have a constitutional right to challenge their detention in federal courts.
     Because the appellate opinion contains classified material, the court said it will prepare a redacted version for public release.

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