Customer Says Real Estate Company|Held Him Virtual Hostage On Island

     TACOMA (CN) – After offering him a “free” trip to an island, a real estate company held a man in its office, took a “travel deposit” it would keep if he dared to rent his own car during the trip, prevented him from seeing anyone else’s land, then sold him lots with building restrictions at “grossly inflated prices,” the man claims in Pierce County Court.

     John Monjazi claims that National Recreational Properties of Washington made misleading statements about vacation property on Anderson Island and even removed the real estate section of newspapers delivered to his hotel room. Monjazi claims the company demanded a “travel deposit” that could be applied to the purchase of property but would be forfeited if he rented his own car during the trip. It was all part of the scheme to keep potential buyers “isolated” on the island, Monjazi claims. He says the defendants misrepresented the property, claiming in its ads that “all properties have power, water, telephone and cable in place.”
     After the tour, Monjazi says, he was kept at the defendant’s real estate office until it was time to leave the island.
     National Recreational Properties is based in Irvine, Calif. Monjazi, who bought 11 lots, demands rescission and damages. He is represented by Dickson Steinacker.

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