Creepy Allegations at|Prison Nurse’s Office

     HONOLULU (CN) – A former inmate claims that a prison nurse in Hawaii drugged and molested her and took photos of it.
     Genalee Lana sued Hawaii; her alleged molester, prison nurse Leroy G.S. Melchor; Oahu Community Correctional Center Warden Francis X. Sequiera; and Department of Public Safety Director Jodi Maesaka-Hirata, in Hawaii’s First Circuit Court.
     Among other things, Lana says in the complaint, Melchor “claimed to be her friend and did ‘favors’ for her such as providing her with contraband, extra supplies, candies, and provisions … complimenting her and telling her that he would like to show her around the island; and showing her another inmate’s file on his office computer.”
     Lana claims that Melchor inappropriately felt her breasts and butt after she complained of a spider bite, then called her back to the medical unit a few days later “to examine her breasts and give her candy.”
     He also “offered to provide plaintiff with various edible forms of marijuana such as ice cream and brownies,” she says in the lawsuit.
     She claims Melchor had her taken to the medical unit “under the auspices of providing her with the edible marijuana products on several subsequent occasions; however, he did not have the marijuana products and instead wanted to have plaintiff eat candy, watch streaming videos, and hang out with him.”
     She says she “informed defendant Melchor that she did not want to hang out with him unless he provided her with the marijuana products.”
     Eventually, Lana says, Melchor had her taken to the medical unit “and demanded that she kiss and ‘make out’ with him in exchange for a marijuana brownie which he showed her.”
     The complaint continues: “Plaintiff refused to kiss defendant Melchor but agreed to his request that he allow her to take a photograph of her breasts – defendant Melchor then provided plaintiff with the marijuana brownie and compelled her to drink some milk from an opened milk carton over her protests that she did not want to drink the milk.
     “Plaintiff had previously consumed edible marijuana products and could tell from experience that the brownie contained a low dose of marijuana.
     “Plaintiff recalls defendant Melchor having her sit on a patient table and then removing her shirt to allow defendant Melchor to take the photograph of her breasts.
     “Plaintiff’s memory of events then becomes fuzzy as she is informed and believes and does thereupon allege that defendant Melchor had put a ‘date rape’ drug into the milk carton – she recalls defendant Melchor taking multiple photographs of her, positioning her on the table, massaging and rubbing lotion on her body, and sexually assaulting her as she felt paralyzed and attempted to clench her limbs to her body because defendant Melchor was sexually assaulting her.
     “Plaintiff then recalls an ACO [adult corrections officer] bringing her back to her cell from the medical unit who commented on how long she had been in the medical unit and asked what plaintiff and defendant Melchor had been doing and why she was smiling so much – plaintiff believed that was odd because she still felt numb and did not feel like she was smiling nor did she realize how long she had been detained in the medical unit.
     “Plaintiff felt very strange when she was back at the unit as she lacked feeling and sensation, felt numb, and also lacked motor control.”
     The next morning, Lana claims, Melchor called her back to the medical unit.
     According to the complaint: “Defendant Melchor told plaintiff that he felt bad because it was not ‘an even trade,’ offered to bring her marijuana brownies and ice cream on the next Saturday in exchange for more pictures, showed plaintiff some of the nude pictures that he had taken of her on his telephone, and asked her if he had made her uncomfortable, to which she responded affirmatively.
     “Defendant Melchor then gave plaintiff another massage and attempted to rub her buttocks so she told him to stop and left the medical unit.
     “Plaintiff was extremely nervous and anxious about having to see defendant Melchor again at the medical unit the following Saturday; however, she was released from custody at OCCC before that date.”
     Lana claims that “at least one of the photographs of her and nude photographs of other inmates were recovered from defendant Melchor’s telephone by law enforcement authorities.”
     She seeks damages for negligence, assault and battery, false imprisonment, and emotional distress.
     She is represented by Myles Breiner.

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