Crash Victim Died After Cop Tasered Him|For ‘Combative’ Seizures, Family Says

     FORT WORTH (CN) – A car accident victim died after a Fort Worth cop Tasered him twice as medics treated him for seizures, because the cop thought the man looked “combative,” his children and parents claim in Tarrant County Court. The family says the medics asked the cop not to shock Noah Lopez, who was on a backboard, but the cop did it anyway.

     The family says Lopez suffered cardiac arrest after police Officer B.L. Clark shot him, twice, with the Taser.
     “The officer was requested to stop ‘Tasing’ decedent by the Medstar personnel, but went into cardiac arrest,” the complaint states. “While Medstar personnel were able to regain a heartbeat minutes later, decedent had suffered injuries which resulted in his death a few days later in the hospital, without ever regaining consciousness.”
     Lopez, 25, died on Aug. 23, 2006.
     Lopez’s family also sued Taser International and Medstar. They are represented by Donald Fulton.

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