Court Upholds Injured Worker’s Benefits Claim

     LANSING, Mich. (CN) – A man who was trained to work at a sawmill in Mexico was property granted workers’ compensation after his leg was crushed by a forklift during training, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled.

     Burt Moake Hardwoods Inc. recruited Pablo Romero, a Mexican citizen, to work at his sawmill. After the accident, Romero’s visa expired and he returned to Mexico. He could not keep a job as an electrician because he cannot stand for a long period of time and often falls down.
     The Workers’ Compensation Appellate Commission affirmed Romero’s benefits, and the employer appealed.
     Judge Beckering ruled that the commission was not required to consider the “universe of jobs suitable to plaintiff’s qualifications and training, only those that produce the maximum income.”

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