Court Upholds 5-Year Suspension of WSU Frat

     (CN) – A Washington State University fraternity was properly suspended for five years based on evidence that some of its members were dealing cocaine, the Washington Court of Appeals ruled.

     Alpha Kappa Lambda’s troubles began in 2007, when the Quad Cities Drug Task Force told the university that the fraternity had violated drug and alcohol laws.
     At a student-conduct board hearing, the board pointed out a photo of a minor drinking a beer at one of the fraternity’s parties. AKL’s national director, Jeremy Slivinski, admitted, “We’ve got underage drinking issues.”
     Drug Task Force officers also described how they bought cocaine from fraternity members.
     AKL appealed, claiming that the conduct board’s decision was arbitrary and capricious, and that its decision was not supported by hearsay, rather than by substantial evidence.
     The appeals court disagreed.
     “Although some of the information presented at the hearing originated from confidential informants, this information was corroborated in numerous respects by the police officers’ personal knowledge, as reflected in their testimony and written reports, and other evidence,” Judge Kulik wrote.

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