Court Rules for Fired Target of Racial Slurs

     ST. LOUIS (CN) – A partially Hispanic man was wrongfully fired after complaining about racial slurs on the job, the 8th Circuit ruled.

     Edward Heaton was promoted to ironworkers’ supervisor at the Weitz Co. after just four years on the job. He complained to the Human Resources department after a co-worker called him a “fucking spic.”
     Heaton’s supervisor, Michael Novy, let the co-worker leave the company via early retirement. He told Heaton that he hated to let the co-worker go.
     Another incident occurred a few weeks later, with a second co-worker calling Heaton a “spic.” When Heaton complained, Noby immediately fired him.
     Heaton, who had never been in trouble before, asked if he was being retaliated against for the first instance. Novy decided to give Heaton another chance.
     Later, Heaton was given the choice of being demoted or laid off. When he asked why, Novy said. “Things are catching up to you.”
     Judge Riley affirmed the district court’s ruling that Weitz wrongfully retaliated against Heaton.

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