Court Remands Damage Award To Florida Officers

     WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CN) – Two Florida police sergeants are victims of age discrimination, but are not entitled to $1.18 million each, a Florida appeals court ruled.

     Francis Hogan and Michael Springstun were passed over four times for promotion to lieutenant in favor of younger applicants. Because their work was exemplary, they said the department was discriminating against them.
     While the sergeants did not prove they were overwhelmingly superior to those who got the position, they did offer evidence that the chief showed bias against older employees.
     A lieutenant told the hopefuls that the chief considered them too old. He also said the chief often spoke to him about the lieutenant’s own retirement.
     While Judge Warner agreed with the trial court’s verdict, he found the award “grossly excessive.”
     Neither man suffered physical injury, and both continued to work until their retirements, which took place before the trial.

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