Court Nixes Class Action Over Kia Sephia Brakes

     MIAMI (CN) – A class-action plaintiff went too far when she claimed that all Kia Sephias built during a three-year period had defective brakes, a Florida appeals court ruled.

     Judge Shepherd ruled that the trial court abused its discretion when it certified the class action of Yvonne Butler against Kia Motors America Corp.
     Butler bought a 2000 Sephia, but she returned it six months later after the brakes started to squeak. The Kia dealer replaced the brakes, but they failed again 10 months later.
     After more brake problems, Butler filed the suit on behalf of 17,000 other Sephia owners, claiming the cars suffer from premature brake failure.
     “Proof by Ms. Butler of any deficiencies in her vehicle will not advance the cause of class-wide relief by any of the thousands of other class members,” Shepherd wrote.
     The court also noted that the materials used in the Sephia brakes changed from 1999 to 2000, and the brakes were completely redesigned in 2001.

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