Court Dismisses Claim Over Lockheed Shooting

     NEW ORLEANS (CN) – The 5th Circuit upheld dismissal of a lawsuit brought by a former Lockheed Martin employee who sought damages after he was fired in the fallout of a 2003 shooting at a Lockheed plant in Meridian, Miss.

     Billy Eugene Bradley was working at the plant when a co-worker went on a shooting rampage, killing six people before committing suicide. Bradley was not physically injured, but sued his employer for the alleged emotional suffering he experienced as a bystander.
     He also claimed he was wrongfully fired in the aftermath of the shooting, when Lockheed received false reports that Bradley had threatened to kill his co-workers.
     The appellate court held that Bradley’s constitutional and personal injury claims lacked merit, and that he failed to show how his firing violated his “social, civil or political rights.”

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