Couple Says Real Estate Scam|Bilked Them For $316,000

CINCINNATI (CN) – Loral Langameier runs a fraudulent “investment program” that bilked a married couple for $316,000, the couple claims in Hamilton County Court. They claim Langameier’s businesses, Premier Mentoring and Live Out Loud, and a network of her agents charged them $24,000 for “coaching” and then took another $292,000 for falsely appraised properties.

     Carolyn and Paul Kollegger claim Langameier uses “fraudulent, unscrupulous, predatory and illegal business practices” and worked with numerous other defendants in an “elaborate property flipping scam … a sophisticated and well oiled machine designed to dupe the vulnerable and fleece honest investors by promising to educate the plaintiffs in the art of real estate investment.”
     “In actuality, rather than educate its investors, defendants sell and provide services unwitting real property investors through Loral Langameier’s, Live Out Loud Inc.’s, and Premier Mentoring Inc.’s network of agents, known as ‘educators’ or ‘investment coaches,’ at inflated process based upon false appraisals and fictitious improvements/repairs, secured by unfavorable loans or bait and switch loans”.
     Langameier lives in Utah, the complaint states. The Kolleggers say they paid $24,000 for her “Wealth Foundation Platinum Package, Wealth Foundation Mentoring, Wealth Acceleration Mentoring, Blitz Seminar, and Real Estate Workshop.” This was followed by a $292,000 in properties that allegedly were falsely appraised by other defendants.
     Here are the defendants: Loral Langameier; Premier Mentoring Inc., a Utah company; Live Out Loud Inc., a California company; Joyce Alexander dba JA Appraisal Services; Premier Mortgage Funding of Ohio Inc. dba Premier Mortgage Funding; Premier Mortgage Funding of Ohio Inc.; Dawn Lafferty; Renew Real Estate Ventures LLC; Tim Watson; Golden E Ohio LLC; Ken Starks; Paramount Property Management LLC; Paramount Enterprises Unlimited LLC; and Washington Mutual Bank FA, a California company.
     The Kolleggers are represented by D. Andrew Heyman.

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