Couple Claim They Were Given a Toe to Bury

     HOUSTON (CN) – A couple who held a burial service for their 5-month-old fetus say they were shocked when a doctor called them 2 hours after the ceremony and told them they had not buried their fetus, but a big toe. “The big toe was exhumed from the gravesite and it was discovered that the plastic container did contain a big toe and not the remains of the five-month old fetus,” the couple claim in Harris County Court.

     Richard and Amy Ramos say that after the bizarre discovery, they “had to endure a second burial.”
     The Ramoses discovered the fetus had no heartbeat when Amy was 5 months pregnant. East Houston Medical Center extracted the fetus and the Ramoses told the hospital they wanted to bury it, according to the complaint.
     They hired co-defendant Carter Funeral Home to make arrangements for the burial.
     The couple claims the hospital gave a funeral home employee the big toe, instead of the fetus, to be buried.
     The Ramoses seek damages for negligence, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     They are represented by Deborah Bradley with Stern, Miller and Higdon of Bellaire, Texas.

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