Countrywide Worker Stole 2 Million|Personal Files & Sold Them, Class Claims

     MIAMI (CN) – Countrywide Financial allowed an employee to steal 2 million customers’ personal financial information and sell it illegally to third parties, a class action claims in Federal Court.

     The FBI arrested a former “senior financial advisor” for Countrywide and charged him with “stealing and selling its customers identities, including full Social Security numbers, to third parties,” the complaint states. It cites an Aug. 1 FBI press release.
     Rene L. Rebolla Jr. worked in Countrywide’s subprime mortgage division, “and every weekend for the last two years downloaded 20,000 customers’ personal information on a flash drive. The information was then unlawfully sold to Wahid Siddiqi who would in turn sold (sic) the sensitive information to other companies,” the complaint states. “Altogether, approximately 2 million consumers had their personal and financial information sold to third parties without plaintiffs or class members’ permission or for any permissible purpose under the law.”
     Plaintiffs’ lead counsel is Lance Harke with Harke & Clasby.

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