Country Star Says|She’s Being Stalked

     McKINNEY, Texas (CN) – Country music star Deana Carter says a man is stalking her, and asked a Texas judge to order him to stay away.
     Carter claims the man has stalked her at her church, at concerts, by phone calls and emails, by false claims that he represents her and is romantically involved with her, and that it’s gotten so bad she fears for her safety and the safety of her young son.
     Carter sued William Arthur Bukauskas, of Plano, in Collin County Court on July 24.
     Carter, 49, became a top Country star in 1996, when her first album, “Did I Shave My Legs for This?” went multi-platinum, eventually reaching more than 5 million sales. Her four succeeding albums produced 14 hit singles, three of which reached No. 1 on the Billboard country charts.
     Carter says the problems began in early 2013, when Bukauskas began to “harass, embarrass and annoy” her and “seriously jeopardize” her career.
     “Ms. Carter had been hopeful the conduct of defendant would cease or at least become less threatening to her, however, the conduct has escalated and has now reached a level which involves her minor child and her family,” the complaint states. “She can no longer hope that his conduct will cease without court intervention.”
     Among other things, she claims Bukauskas tried to see her backstage repeatedly by misrepresenting his credentials and qualifications.
     She says he has contacted her family members and business associates with demands regarding her touring schedule, made inappropriate phone calls to her and left similar messages on her email and social media accounts.
     “Defendant’s initial contact with plaintiff began as that of an overzealous fan,” the complaint states. “However, his persistent, unauthorized, unwelcome, and uninvited actions have quickly become much more than fandom. Recently, Mr. Bukauskas began communication with event venues under the false pretense of representing Ms. Carter’s professional interest in an attempt to procure private performances by Ms. Carter.”
     She says the man “is clearly becoming more aggressive in his attempts to get close” to her.
     Carter seeks an injunction and temporary restraining order. She is represented by Michele Quattlebaum, with Sprott Newsom, in Houston.
     Efforts to find Bukauskas were unavailing. According to credible Internet websites, checked Friday, he appears to be in his 60s and his home is valued at nearly $400,000.

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