Counselor ‘Treated’ Her With Sex, Woman Says

     WICHITA, Kan. (CN) – A clinical social worker had sex with a woman while he treated her for depression, and when she ran out of money, she got a “professional courtesy write-off” to continue the “treatments,” the woman claims in court.
     Jane Doe sued Michael W. Keller and Behavioral Medicine Specialist, a Wichita professional association of which he allegedly is a member and shareholder, in Sedgwick County District Court.
     Doe claims that Keller “holds himself out as a licensed specialist clinical social worker … a specialist in anxiety disorders, PTSD, and trauma recovery.”
     She claims that Keller initiated the sexual relationship in May 2009 after treating her for 4 years for depression brought on by childhood sexual abuse.
     “Keller’s physical relations with the plaintiff lasted until August 2010,” the complaint states. “The relations occurred over dozens of appointments, most of which were on the premises of the defendant BMSPA [Behavioral Medicine Specialist P.A.]. The physical relations with Ms. Doe continued until August 2010.
     “At one point, Ms. Doe, complained that she could not afford to continue the ‘treatment’ with defendant Keller. At that point BMSPA began to give Ms. Doe a ‘professional courtesy write-off.’ BMSPA is liable for the conduct of its member, Michael Keller.
     “As a result of Keller’s ‘treatment,’ Ms. Doe has experienced substantial and acute emotional distress and significant personality deterioration. She has a substantially diminished future earning capacity and will incur substantial counseling costs in the future.”
     Doe seeks more than $75,000 in damages.
     She is represented by Randall Rathbun with Depew Gillen Rathbun & McInteer, of Wichita.

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