Cops Terrorized Wrong Family, Mom Says

     WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CN) – Police terrorized a mother and her three children while ransacking the wrong apartment, searched the handcuffed mother’s vagina three times, and refused to repair the damage they did or return important documents, including her green card, the woman claims in Westchester County Court.

     Ivamae Green says Mount Vernon police broke down her apartment door at 10:30 p.m. “with guns drawn.”
     She says the officers handcuffed her and performed three vaginal searches on her while ransacking her apartment.
     It was the wrong place.
     Green says she “was told that the Mount Vernon police had forcibly entered the wrong apartment due to an error in a search warrant.”
     When the police let her and her children go, Green says, they left the place a wreck, and refused to return her property or her green card, which proves her legal residency in the United States.
     Green sued the city of Mount Vernon for trespass, negligence, false arrest and assault and battery. She is represented by Andrew Risoli of Eastchester, N.Y.

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