Cop Swiped Their Sex Videos, Couple Says

     HARTFORD – After arresting a man on unspecified charges, a Stamford police found “sexually explicit videos” of the man and his girlfriend on the man’s cell phone, and forwarded them to his own phone and then to other people, William Vasilakos and his girlfriend claim in Federal Court. They demand punitive damages from Officer Michael Presti, for privacy invasion, emotional distress and constitutional violations.

     Vasilakos says Presti him on Aug. 16, 2008, and confiscated his cell phone.
     “Rather than place the cell phone in the custody of the Stamford Police Department, defendant Presti kept the phone on his own person,” the complaint states.
     It continues: “In 2008, the plaintiffs were engaged in a romantic relationship with one another and had consensually memorialized their love and affection for one another by recording a series of sexually explicit videos and pictures on a cell phone belonging to Mr. Vasilakos.
     “The defendant took possession of Mr. Vasilakos’s cell phone at the time of his arrest, and used it to send a series of eight emails to the defendant’s own personal phone. These emails consisted of text messages, pictures and videos of an explicitly sexual nature involving the consensual conduct of the plaintiffs, Mr. Vasilakos and Ms. Saltsides.
     “While unlawfully in possession of Mr. Vasilakos’ cell phone, the defendant caused various images to be sent to his own email account. He also published sexually explicit images to one or more third parties.
     “The defendant acted intentionally and with improper motive.”
     Vasilakos and Saltsides are represented by Norman Pattis of Bethany, Ct.

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