Cop Sues Over Murder-for-Disability Accusation

     (CN) – A former gang unit police officer says in court that he was falsely accused of intentionally killing a Nebraska man to get disability.
     Ryan Sedlacek claims Mark Welsch, who is affiliated with the Omahans for Justice Alliance and Nebraskans for Peace, made the remarks during a press conference on April 13, 2012.
     Welsch allegedly said about Sedlacek: “He claims to have PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder,” the complaint states. “He was in, correct me if I’m wrong, he was in the gang unit for some time. He asked to get out of the gang unit because he said it was too stressful, I’m under too much pressure, I want out. And they wouldn’t let him out. Now, there’s a problem too that needs to be more transparent. If an officer says, this job is too stressful for me, they should let him out. Because if they don’t, this is what could happen. That officer is now out of that unit. He has to live with him killing a man but that’s how maybe he saw that as his only way out of that stressful situation. So he shot Jimmy [Levering] in the head, killed him and now he’s on a pension for the rest of his life and we’re going to pay for that.”
     Sedlacek says he wasn’t even working on the day Levering was killed, and that Welsch defamed him with the false implication that he killed Levering to collect disability.
     Sedlacek claims Welsch has tarnished his name and he lives in constant fear of retribution from gang members.
     Sedlacek seeks damages and is represented by Michael Dowd of Dowd, Howard & Corrigan in Omaha.

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