Cop Not Promoted Because of Boss’s Affair With Ex

     (CN) – A North Las Vegas police officer lost out on a promotion to lieutenant because his boss was having an affair with his ex-wife, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled in upholding a lower court’s decision.

     The state’s high court said officer Thomas Glazier Jr. is entitled to back pay since July 2005 and should be promoted to lieutenant.
     Glazier filed a complaint in 2006 after three officers were promoted and he wasn’t, despite testing highest on a promotion list.
     The Supreme Court found there was enough evidence to prove that Glazier was treated unfairly by Capt. Tony Scott, Glazier’s superior with power over schedules and promotions who also had an “intimate affair” with Glazier’s ex-wife, the court said.
     Police officials had maintained that Glazier wasn’t promoted because he was disciplined twice.

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