Cop Beating Killed Fetus, Would-Be Mom Says

     CHICAGO (CN) – A police officer caused a pregnant teenager to miscarry by kneeing her in the stomach and then sending the ambulance away, the girl claims in a federal complaint.
     “What began as a battery quickly turned into a wrongful death when Harvey Police Officer R. Jones beat an innocent teenaged girl, who he knew to be pregnant, and caused the death of her developing fetus,” according to the complaint.
     “Officer Jones stole a young mother’s joy and hope and replaced it with despair and anguish. He then turned away an approaching ambulance and denied medical care for a crying, pregnant young girl. As if that weren’t enough, he then arrested her and had her charged with a felony, in an attempt to cover up his violent actions.”
     Kwamesha Sharp says she had had an ultrasound on Dec. 30, 2011, that showed her unborn baby was developing normally.
     “Later that same day, at approximately 8:00 p.m., Kwamesha walked to the home of a family friend where Harvey Police Officer Jones, without cause, threw her to the ground, rolled her onto her back and rammed his knee into her stomach,” according to her complaint.
     “He then used the force of his weight and strength to apply pressure with his knee to Kwamesha’s abdomen for an extended period of time.”
     Sharp says she revealed her pregnancy to Jones “just prior to this beating,” but that “he ignored Kwamesha’s family’s pleas to spare Kwamesha and her growing child from the unprovoked beating.”
     “While witnessing the brutality, Kwamesha’s mother called for an ambulance, yet when the ambulance arrived, Officer Jones waved it off, denying Kwamesha and her baby the medical attention they needed,” the complaint states.
     “On January 7, 2012, Kwamesha presented at the ER with ‘vaginal bleeding with passage of large blood clots,’ and ‘vaginal discharge/bleeding.’ Her pelvic exam revealed ‘vaginal bleeding present.’ She was diagnosed with a ‘threatened miscarriage’ or ‘vaginal bleeding before 20 gestational weeks.’
     “On January 14, 2012, Kwamesha Sharp was diagnosed with a ‘missed abortion’ and on January 15, 2012, underwent a surgical abortion procedure called a suction curettage.”
     Sharp seeks damages from the city of Harvey, a suburb of Chicago, and Officer Jones, alleging excessive force, unlawful seizure, deliberate indifference, false arrest, wrongful death and battery.
     She is represented by Jon Erickson of Erickson & Oppenheimer.

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