Cop Accused of Trading Car for Sex

     WASHINGTON (CN) – A District of Columbia police officer sold a woman a used Lexus in a shady deal, demanded sex for the title, then slammed her face into the pavement afterward, when she asked for the title, she claims in court.
     Shahioa Gans sued the District of Columbia and Metropolitan Police Department Officers Marvin Watkins and Derrenzo Hines in Superior Court, alleging conspiracy, assault and battery, false imprisonment and conversion.
     Gans claims she’s known Watkins for years and asked him to help her find a used car. He introduced her to Officer Hines, she says, who offered to sell her a 1990 Lexus LS 400.
     “Defendant Hines told the plaintiff that he sold cars, that the car had a valid title and that he was authorized to sell it to plaintiff,” she says in the complaint.
     Gans claims the car had mechanical problems, and its title was not signed by the previous owner, so she asked for her money back, but Hines refused.
     “In refusing her request, defendant Hines reminded the plaintiff that he and his friends were police officers and that they could have an adverse impact upon her life very easily,” Gans says in the complaint.
     She claims Watkins visited her apartment to help her get a valid title, and “defendant Watkins stated he could help the plaintiff get a good title from his friend, Officer Hines, but only if she agreed to provide him with sexual favors in exchange for his assistance. The plaintiff reluctantly agreed.”
     Afterward, Gans says, she asked Watkins to call Hines, but he refused and left. She followed him, she says, and told him she would contact the owner listed on the invalid title.
     “When the plaintiff and defendant Watkins reached the outside of the building, and plaintiff continued to demand that defendant Watkins properly address this situation, defendant Watkins, without cause or justification physically assaulted the plaintiff by throwing her to the ground and slamming her face against the pavement outside of her apartment building,” her complaint states.
     Then Watkins handcuffed and arrested her under the false charge of threatening him, Gans claims.
     Gans says she “endured repeated and forceful blows to her head, face and neck areas and to her spine.”
     She seeks $2 million in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages.
     She is represented by Gregory Lattimer.

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