Consumer Class Actions

     Sprint Nextel cheats customers by charging an early termination fee when they cancel because Sprint hiked charges, from 10 cents to 15 cents per text message, a class-action complaint claims in Los Angeles Federal Court. See complaint

    The College Retirement Equities Fund Corp. took more than six weeks to transfer a client’s $690,000, and refused to pay the appreciated value of the funds – $709,000 – illegally enriching itself, Richard Rink claims in a class-action complaint in Jefferson County Court, Louisville, Ky. See complaint.
     Sterling Testing Systems injures consumers by reporting outdated adverse credit information which it is required to leave out of the reports it sells, a class-action complaint claims in Philadelphia Federal Court.
Bassett Furniture Industries defrauds customers by charging an improper, 35 percent “restocking fee,” a class-action complaint claims in Atlantic County Court, N.J.

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