Consumer Class Action

Wells Fargo Bank collects illegal interest from borrowers who pay off or refinance their co-op loans, a class-action complaint claims in Manhattan Federal Court.

A class-action complaint in Boston Federal Court accuses Wells Fargo Bank of violating lending laws in loans it acquired from Washington Mutual Bank.
A class-action complaint in Sacramento Superior Court accuses Old Orchard Brands of selling stuff labeled as “100% pomegranate juice,” though it’s adulterated with grape, apple or cherry juice.
A class-action complaint in Oklahoma County Court accuses MBF Leasing of selling a check cashing machine on installments, and continuing to collect installments after the machine is paid off.
A class-action sex-discrimination complaint claims Maximum Fitness LLC dba Gold’s Gym provides better equipment to women – because they use it less -depriving men of space and making them spend more time on their workouts, because of Gold’s “ladies only” area, in Solana County Court, Calif.

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