Consumer Class Action

   A class-action complaint accuses Pets of Bel Air of misrepresenting the condition and breeding of puppies they sell, allegedly after buying them from a puppy mill, in Los Angeles Superior Court.

     Lincoln Wood Products defrauds customers by selling defective, leaky gas-filled windows, doors and skylights, a class-action complaint claims in Madison, Wisc., Federal Court.
     Arrowhead Investments charges usurious interest and illegal fees for short-term loans, forcing the named plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit to pay $1,400 for a $300 loan, she claims in Dane County Court, Wisc.
     Terminix International and ServiceMaster Co. face another class-action complaint accusing them of defrauding people for termite inspections, by failing to do the inspections and the services paid for, this time in San Francisco Federal Court.
     Oxford Lending Group gets people’s credit histories without a firm offer of credit, a class-action complaint claims in St. Louis Federal Court.

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