Conspiracy Theorist|Stabbed Him, Man Says

     HOUSTON (CN) – Misinterpreting “Glenn Beck’s opinion that the American people must defend themselves against government tyranny,” a conspiracy theorist stabbed a man repeatedly, just for saying he was going to deposit money in a bank, the victim claims in court.
     Scott Derr sued 43-year-old Robert Clayton Bennett in Harris County Court.
     The complaint does not specify their relationship.
     “Moments prior to the assault, plaintiff had informed defendant that plaintiff was going to the bank to make a deposit,” the complaint states. “Defendant claimed that banks are evil and part of a conspiracy. Thereafter, defendant stabbed plaintiff with a knife three times in the chest area, and as plaintiff was trying to escape the attack by running away from defendant, defendant, while wielding the knife, chased after plaintiff and tackled him to the ground.
     “As defendant was on top of plaintiff, defendant stabbed plaintiff a fourth time in the left arm. The stab wound to the arm was most severe. The left arm stabbing has affected the use of plaintiff’s hand.
     “In all likelihood, the damage to plaintiff’s left arm and hand is permanent in nature and has caused functional impairment. As a result of defendant’s conduct, plaintiff now has a visible 8-10 inch scar on his arm and scarring on his chest and right hand.
     “As plaintiff was attempting to defend himself, defendant cut plaintiff’s right hand. Plaintiff was required to undergo a surgical procedure to repair some of the damage to his left arm and hand.”
     Derr says in the complaint that his “negligence claim is based, in part, on defendant negligently and recklessly expressing his political views, while purportedly exercising his first and second amendment constitutional rights, and belief that the United States government and local governments are engaged in a conspiracy, along with established institutions such as banks, to destroy America. In this regard, defendant misinterpreted media personality Glenn Beck’s opinion that the American people must defend themselves against government tyranny.”
     Bennett was charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is free on $30,000 bond , and was ordered not to contact Derr or possess any deadly weapon.
     Derr says he is seeking psychological treatment for nightmares he’s had since the attack and has “hired a security company for protection.”
     He seeks punitive damages for pain and suffering, disfigurement, assault and negligence. He is represented by Michael Martinez, of Friendswood, Texas.

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