Conspiracy Alleged in Peruvian Horses

LOS ANGELES (CN) – The owner of Peru’s top Peruvian stud horse for 2007 claims the North American Peruvian Horse Association fixed its rules to exclude him from registering and competing. Peruvian Paso horses descended from horses that arrived in South America during the Spanish Conquest. They are bred for their smooth gait and beauty.

     Figuerola Peruvians, a California-based importer and breeder, says its horse JR Soy del Peru won the award in Peru for best sire of the year in 2007. It claims that several of JR’s foals are champions and champion of champions.
     Figuerola planned to import Soy del Peru to the United States in 2007 with all the necessary documents and DNA for registration.
     Registration with the NAPHA is a prerequisite for showing horses in the United States and in other areas throughout the world, and a horse’s value is considerably weaker if it is not registered, Figuerola says.
     Figuerola says Barbara Windom, of New Mexico, chairwoman of the NAPHA’s registration committee, and an owner and shower of Peruvian horses, urged the Board of Directors to investigate rumors that Soy del Peru was a cryptorchid – incapable of producing viable sperm.
     Despite evidence supporting Soy del Peru’s accomplishments as a stud, his registration, which had been conditionally granted, was revoked and none of his offspring were considered legitimate by the NAPHA, Figuerola says.
     Figuerola seeks damages for conspiracy, illegal monopoly, illegal attempt to maintain a monopoly, and violations of business practice, injury to reputation and lost revenue.

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