Concert Ticket Dispute Ends in $150K Judgment

     CHICAGO (CN) – A judge entered a $150,000 judgment against a ticket broker who allegedly failed to honor a settlement over borrowed money for a Paul McCartney show.
     Lloyd Gillman claimed that Traci Monti is a ticket broker who uses her connections in the music industry to get tickets for concerts in the Chicago area.
     Gillman said he loaned Monti $43,750 to purchase Paul McCartney tickets, and that she was supposed to reimburse him with interest after reselling those tickets at a profit of 300 to 400 percent. He filed suit when the payment allegedly never came.
     Gillman’s attorney, Adrian Vuckovich, sent Courthouse News a settlement agreement purportedly signed by the parties after the lawsuit was filed. The deal required Monti to return $43,750 to Gillman by July 5, 2012, and deliver tickets for various concerts.
     The tickets were to include 20 VIP tickets for Lollapalooza, 40 tickets for Bruce Springsteen, 20 tickets for Madonna, and either four tickets for Barbara Streisand or 20 tickets for Justin Bieber.
     The settlement also stipulated that: if “Monti fails to perform any of the above obligations, then Gillman shall be entitled to obtain a judgment against Monti in the amount of $150,000.”
     But the deal apparently did not pan out.
     “Unfortunately, Ms. Monti has not done any of the things she promised to do either originally or as part of the settlement,” Vuckovich said in a letter to Courthouse News. “It appears that settlement agreement and these latest unfulfilled promises are part of the same old story.”
     After Gillman moved for default judgment, Monti failed to appear in court and Cook County Judge John Griffin entered judgment in favor of Gillman in the amount of $150,000.
     The docket does not show any new developments in the case.

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