Computerized Asphalt Dumps:|What Could Go Wrong?

     FORT WORTH, Texas (CN) – A computer-operated silo dumped 6 tons of hot asphalt onto a truck, cracking the windshield and burning the driver, the man claims in court.
     Marco Perez was injured while transporting material from the Reynolds Asphalt & Construction Co. silo in Euless, Texas, on June 9, 2012, according to the complaint in the 67th Judicial District Court of Tarrant County.
     The computer-controlled silo drops two 6-ton batches of asphalt into each dump truck, Perez says. The asphalt allegedly reaches a temperature of about 325 degrees, and there is supposed to be a 10 second break between batches.
     Perez says he pulled up to the silo after a truck that had only taken half a load. In the 10 seconds between batches, the silo operator allegedly could not stop the machine.
     The second batch poured down on the hood of Perez’s truck, cracking the windshield and pumping hot asphalt into the cab, according to the complaint.
     Perez says the asphalt burns left him permanently disabled.
     He seeks punitive damages from Reynolds, alleging negligence and malice.
     Perez is represented by Domingo Garcia in Dallas.

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