Computer Crash Idles Oklahoma Courts

    OKLAHOMA CITY (CN) – A statewide computer crash caused “major interruption” in courthouses across Oklahoma last week. Computers in 13 counties, which account for about half of the state’s cases, were down from Thursday, Jan. 10, until around noon Monday.

     Oklahoma County Court Deputy Administrator Mike Mayberry said a manufacturer defect caused the drives and discs to crash.
     About 30 to 60 complaints are filed in Oklahoma County Court each day.
     Mayberry said no protocol has been established to deal with the crash. Each county worked out its own system.
     Tulsa County accepted new filings but put them aside until the system was restored.
     Oklahoma County had to ask the district attorney’s office to stop bringing charges because the interim filing system was unable to keep up.
     Mayberry said his court’s system was restored around noon on Monday. He added that 95 percent of the state’s system had been restored by Wednesday afternoon, though in some counties complaints still could not be viewed or checked out, due to slowed imaging restoration.

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