Compucredit Pushes Subprime ‘Aspire Visa’|Credit Cards With False Claims, Class Says

     MOBILE, ALA. (CN) – Compucredit Corp. pushes its “subprime credit card under the brand name Aspire Visa” by falsely claiming that people with poor credit can use it to “improve your credit rating,” a class action claims in Federal Court. Compucredit promised there was “no deposit required” to get $300 in credit, but immediately took $185 from people who applied, the class says.

     Compucredit’s massive marketing through the Internet and direct mail falsely state that “there was ‘no deposit required’ … and that consumers would immediately receive $300 in available credit when they receive the Aspire Visa credit card,” the complaint states.
     But in fact, “When a consumer opened an Aspire Visa credit card account, Compucredit uniformly assessed charges for an ‘account opening fee finance charge’ of $29, an ‘account maintenance fee’ of $6.50, and an ‘annual fee’ of $150 to the account. All of these fees were immediately assessed against the $300 credit limit, resulting in an available credit limit to the consumer of approximately $115,” the complaint states.
     Plaintiffs are represented by Steven Martino.

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