Composer Says Assistant Swiped Secrets

     MANHATTAN (CN) – A music synthesizer programmer and composer claims his former assistant swiped trade secrets and used them in four Broadway shows and 10 touring shows. Andrew Barrett and his company, Lionella Productions, sued James Mironchik in a $9 million claim in New York County Court.

     Barrett, who has a long track record writing and programming music for Broadway shows, other theater and TV, says he spent two years developing his “Host-Plug In” synthesizing, to replace the former industry standard Kurzweil 2600 keyboard device. He says his program has more memory and can run on Windows XP/Pro, which the Kurzweil cannot.
     Barrett says he hired Mironchik in mid-2006, trained him to use the system, then fired him. He says Mironchik has used and revealed his trade secrets to get work on four Broadway shows – “Grey Gardens,” “In The Heights,” “Grease,” and “Young Frankenstein” – and 10 touring shows.
     Barrett demands punitive damages for theft of trade secrets, divulging the secrets, unfair competition, Lanham Act violations, and tortious interference with business. He is represented by Leslie Ben-Zvi.

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