Company Isn’t Liable For ‘Little Hottie’ Remark

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Calling a woman “a little hottie” might be “juvenile and boorish,” but it’s not sexual harassment, a federal judge in Los Angeles ruled.

     Gillian Steinmetz claimed that Chester Balsz, her co-worker at Golden State Supply, made this and other sexual remarks. When she reported his conduct to her supervisor, Balsz was reprimanded and later suspended for two days. She sued the company over the alleged sexual harassment.
     “It is well-established that Title VII is not a `general civility code,'” U.S. District Judge Walter wrote. “While Defendant Balsz’s behavior may have been juvenile and boorish, there is no evidence that it was sufficiently severe and perverse to create a hostile work environment.”
     Even if the conduct had constituted sexual harassment, Walter said, the company would not be liable because it took appropriate remedial action.
     The plaintiff is represented by Marina Kats Fraigun. Golden State Supply is represented by Beth Gunn at Ogletree Deakins et al.

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