Companies Accused of Debt Reduction Scam

     CLAYTON, Mo. (CN) – Global Client Solutions, ONB Bank and Trust, and GHS Solutions charged consumers outrageous fees for debt-reduction services that they never provided, according to a class action in St. Louis County Circuit Court.

     Named plaintiff Myra Perkins says she made monthly payments to GHS, which were then received and processed by Global and ONB for a fee.
     She says she paid them more than $1,600 over five months, only $90.20 of which was placed into a savings to help settle her debts.
     “The remaining sum of at least $1,546.20 was retained by the defendants as their fee,” she claims.
     “Plaintiff is not aware of any effort made on behalf of any of the three defendants to settle or negotiate any of her debts,” the complaint states. “Additionally, because the defendants allege to have set aside only $90.20, there is no reasonable likelihood that they would be able to negotiate any debt settlement with any creditor.”
     She says the fees dramatically exceed the amount allowed by Missouri law, and none of the defendants is registered to work as a debt adjuster in the state.
     The class consists of all Missourians who paid money to the defendants for debt-reduction services within the last five years.
     The class seeks an unspecified amount of damages for fraud and a ruling barring Global, ONC and GHS from continuing to offer debt-reduction services in Missouri.
     Its members are represented by Neil Smith.

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