Echostar Satellite LLC sued Freetech Inc. for unfair competition and violations of telecom laws, claiming Freetech makes and sells devices that consumers use to pirate Echostar’s subscription-based services. See complaintin San Francisco Federal Court.

     Alma Inc., Thomas Moore, Hames Moore, and Bradlye and Young LLP defrauded investors in unregistered oil and mineral securities, seven investors claim in a RICO complaint in Johnson County Court, Olathe, Kan.
     Kathryn Powell sued her ex-boyfriend, Nasr M.M. Farag, for $449,000, money she says she advanced for fixer-uppers they bought together. She says Farag’s claim that he has “Islamic authority” over her won’t wash, in Sonoma County Court.
     Twenty-seven homebuyers sued Shea Homes Ltd. Partnership, alleging mass construction defects in a subdivision in Brentwood, in Contra Costa County Court Calif.
     Dox LLC dba Legal Gear defrauds consumers by selling “Lipoburn,” a rub-on cream that allegedly burns body fat, a dissatisfied customer claims in DC Superior Court.

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