Panda Ethanol is accused of securities fraud: claiming it would make a $140 million offering while knowing it was a pipe dream, causing Panda’s over-the-counter share price to plummet by 60 percent. See complaint in Dallas County Court.

     Xethanol fraudulently induced an investor to put $10 million into its biofuel business by misrepresenting its technology and operations, Global Energy & Management claims in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Bobby Shomer, Larry Turner and Ashanti Partners defrauded investors in a housing development in Kingman, Ariz., by taking $6,000 a month apiece for themselves, investors claim in Clark County Court, Nev.
     Willets Point Asphalt Corp. seeks a restraining order against United Plant and Production Workers, Local 175, claiming union picketers are threatening workers with violence, spitting on them, blocking work sites and vandalizing equipment, in Queens County Court.
     Various Inc. dba and secretly and illegally install spyware that causes pornographic pop-up ads to appear on users’ screens, after consumers buy a membership in the sexually oriented Web service, the FTC claims in San Jose Federal Court.

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