Dr. Marco Stoffel has been sued for $75 million, accused of abusing his fiduciary powers for eight years, money laundering and other peccadilloes. Also sued in New York County Court are Albe Associates Ltd., Bluecolt Securities Corp., and Lauramca LLC.

     These hedge funds and managers are accused of cheating investors: Olympia Capital and affiliates, Brooke Securities Holdings, Winchester Global Trust Co., Winchester Fiduciary Services, Oskar Lewnowski, Barbara Lewnowski, and William Maycock, in New York County Court.
     Pulse-Link Inc. clams Tzero Technologies defrauded it and competes unfairly by  falsely advertising that Pulse-Links broadband technology does not comply with Tzero’s “nonexistent” “standard,” in San Diego Federal Court.
     Chubb Custom Insurance Co. claims it has no duty to indemnify Grange Mutual Casualty Co. and affiliates, including Trustgard Insurance Co. and Integrity Mutual Insurance Co., in a class-action lawsuit accusing them of using cooked software to decrease payments to policyholders, in Columbus, Ohio, Federal Court.

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