Ameri First Bank and SELCO Community Credit Union demand damages from TJX Cos. and Fifth Third Bancorp for security breaches in more than 100 million TJX transactions last year, and their alleged refusal to reveal the problems, further damaging plaintiffs’ customers. See complaint in Middlesex County Court, Cambridge, Mass.

     Citigroup Global Markets Realty Corp, demands $41 million from Stewart Title Guaranty Co., in a dispute over Citigroup’s $41 million loan to KR Playa in 2006 to buy property in Quintana Roo that had been expropriated by the Mexican government in 1981. See complaint in Harris County Court, Houston.
     Koninkliijke Philips Electronics claims Optical Experts Manufacturing owes it royalties on 30 million compact discs, in Beaumont, Texas, Federal Court. Philips also sued Entertainment Distribution Co. and Universal Music Group in the same court; and Advanced Media International, Inoveris, Eva-Tone, Metatec, MTI Acquisition, Music City Optical Media, and Zomax in a claim for 250 million CDs, in the same court.

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