Next G Communications and Taj Khwaja cheat customers that buy their prepaid calling cards, the State of Texas claims in Bexar County Court, San Antonio.

     Unumprovident Corp. improperly denies valid disability claims, a policyholder claims on behalf of the public in Los Angeles Superior Court. Also sued are Unum Life Insurance Co., PIA Services Group Insurance Fund, Lockton Risk Services, Unum Insurance Co. of America, General American Life Insurance Co., The Paul Revere Life Insurance Co., and Unimerica Co.
     U.S. Bancorp Business Equipment Finance Group charges an illegal “processing fee,” the Greenville Abstract and Title Co. claims in a class action in St. Louis County Court, Clayton, Mo.
     James Marquez, portfolio manager for the Bayou Fund from 1996 through 2001, concealed trading losses and lied about the fund’s performance, the SEC claims in Manhattan Federal Court. It wants him ordered not to do it again.
     Wind Plus Holdings failed to pay as promised for a 25-year lease of 1,920 acres for a wind farm, Fred Squire claims in Dallas County Court.

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