Collectors Accused of New Depths of Abuse

CHICAGO (CN) – Lying debt collectors, apparently based in India, are harassing people by claiming to be from the FBI, the United Nations, the World Court, and by impersonating attorneys and threatening them with “prison time” for consumer debts, a RICO class action claims in Federal Court.

     The class claims NetCash USA, ZipCash-SFT, and Integrity Advance – all apparently based in India – pose as “law enforcement personnel” and threaten debtors with imminent arrest on false “felony criminal charges” of “bank fraud, Internet fraud, and credit card fraud,” in “threatening, profane, abusive, and harassing” phone calls.
     The class claims the also “grossly overstated” the amount of their debts. The collectors harass people at work, call outside of regulated times, and deny that consumers have rights to dispute the debt. The collectors continue to harass consumers after they file for bankruptcy, according to the complaint.
     The class seeks punitive damages for unfair collection practices, civil conspiracy, racketeering, fraud and negligence.
     Class counsel is by Abbas Merchant with Robert J. Semrad & Associates.

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