Collector Says Art Dealer Sold Him Fake Chagall & de Kooning for $205,000

     (CN) – An art collector claims Giuseppe Concepcion used forged provenance papers to sell him a fake Chagall and a fake de Kooning for more than $200,000. Concepcion, who runs the dealerships out of Miami and Eros C out of Manhattan, faces federal criminal charges for art fraud, according to the complaint in New York County Court.

     Richard Green claims he paid Concepcion $125,000 for a purported Chagall painting, “Fleurs Rouges er Bleues,” and $80,000 for a fake de Kooning charcoal and oil drawing, “Woman.” Green says he gave Concepcion $40,000 for the de Kooning, plus two other artworks valued at $40,000: Helen Frankenthaler’s “Yellow Jacket and Tahiti,” and Sam Francis’ “Monotype.”
     But Green says the paintings Concepcion sold him are fakes.
     He claims that on Nov. 21, 2008, the US. Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced that Concepcion had been indicted on charges of transportation of stolen property and wire fraud “as part of a scheme to defraud in the sale of fake paintings that he misrepresented to be authentic works of famous artists such as Marc Chagall and others. The press release stated: ‘One way CONCEPCION [defrauded customers] was by acquiring authentic works . . . and then acquiring or commissioning forgeries that he then sold to his victims. To induce customers to purchase the forgeries, CONCEPCION created false provenances (ownership history), forged certificates of authenticity, forged gallery and auction labels, and altered banking and third party documents. CONCEPCION also represented to victims that the forged versions were genuine, or deliberately failed to disclose that they were forgeries.'”
     Green says Concepcion was arrested and released on bail. Green says he demanded his money back, and Green did not reply.
     Green is represented by Jo Backer Laird with Patterson, Belknap & Webb.

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