CO2 Storage Facilities to|Report Greenhouse Gases

     WASHINGTON (CN) -Facilities that capture and inject carbon dioxide into the ground for storage (geologic sequestration) must report on the volume of greenhouse gases that escape from the facility, according to new rules issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

     Carbon capture and storage facilities are the latest in a series of facilities and industries that have to report their greenhouse gas emissions under the EPA’s national Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. The program began in 2009 and has slowly phased in greenhouse gas emitters since then. The goal of the program is to compile more accurate data on greenhouse gas emissions and pinpoint their sources.
     The reporting requirement places no limitations on greenhouse gas emissions from those facilities required to report their emissions beyond restrictions which may already be in place under the Clean Air Act or other legislation.
     In a related rule, the EPA announced that sources of fluorinated greenhouse gases, including electronics manufacturing, fluorinated gas production, electrical equipment use, electrical equipment manufacture or refurbishment, as well as importers and exporters of pre-charged equipment and closed-cell foams that emit more than 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year must report their greenhouse gas emissions to the agency.
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