Cloud Storage|Case Dismissed

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – The lead plaintiff in a proposed class action against Bitcasa, a cloud-storage service that ended its unlimited data storage plan last year, voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit Wednesday.
     Shawn Romack sued the California-based company in November 2013, less than a month after it announced it would end its “Infinite” storage plan.
     Romack claimed Bitcasa required Infinite storage customers to accept a new, more expensive plan or to remove all of their data, which would be deleted if customers didn’t accept a new plan.
     Romack sought an injunction, saying he had about 8 terabytes to remove from the cloud.
     In his stipulation of dismissal, Romack said he has medical problems that leave him “insufficient time and energy to pursue this case.”
     Neither he nor his attorney, Michael Sobol with Lieff Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein in San Francisco, will receive compensation.
     Soon after Romack filed his lawsuit last year, a federal judge gave him individual relief from Bitcasa’s data deletion, but only if he paid another $99 for a one-month extension under a new data plan.
     Romack’s attorneys did not respond to requests for comment. Attorneys for Bitcasa declined to comment.
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