Clinton Library Releases Kagan Files

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The William J. Clinton Presidential Library on Friday released 46,500 pages from Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s time as the former president’s aide.

     The memos and notes represent Kagan’s time in the White House first as Clinton’s counsel and then as domestic policy adviser between 1995 and 1999. During that time, the White House wrestled with a Republican Congress over issues like gun control, abortion rights and anti-smoking measures.
     In one memo, Kagan warns against tough advertising measures against the tobacco industry, adding that such limits should be voluntary.
     Republicans worry that Kagan, who is President Obama’s top pick to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, is too much of an unknown with a thin public record to become the nation’s third female Supreme Court Justice.
     Kagan has never served as a judge, and despite serving as Harvard Law School’s dean, has published little.
     The documents were requested two weeks ago by Sen. Patrick Leahy, D.-Vt., who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.
     About 80,000 more pages are expected to be released by the Clinton Library before Kagan’s confirmation hearings begin June 28.

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