Clinton Lays Out Plan for|Economy in Vegas Stop

     LAS VEGAS (CN) — By investing more into the U.S. economy and infrastructure than any administration since World War II, Hillary Clinton says she’ll strengthen the nation’s economy as president.
     Clinton unveiled her economic vision during a campaign stop in Las Vegas Thursday at the IBEW Local 357, but did not cite cost estimates or possible funding sources.
     “We need to invest in our young people,” other than telling them to get a four-year degree, Clinton said.
     Clinton said that by 2020, more than half of all jobs in the nation won’t require a bachelor’s degree, and apprenticeship programs provide specialized training for an estimated 1 million job vacancies in skilled trades.
     Prior to the 12:45 p.m. rally at the union hall, Clinton toured the Mojave Electric facility in southwest Las Vegas, where she said the IBEW’s apprenticeship training program is an example of the kind partnership between business and organized labor that she wants to see more of if she’s elected.
     Clinton’s plan generally involves investing in infrastructure, including building a new electric grid, reducing student loan debt, training skilled-trades workers via union apprenticeship programs operated jointly with local job providers, and making broadband service accessible to all.
     Clinton said her economic plan calls for:
     Investing in the nation’s infrastructure, including building a new power grid and improving roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, while working with organized labor;
     Promoting more apprenticeship programs jointly operated by local businesses and labor unions;
     Creating a $1,500 business tax credit to promote paid training for workers learn skilled trades;
     Making college tuition rates affordable that students don’t graduate with student loan debt, while reducing interest rates on current student loans;
     Creating a $1,500 business tax credit to promote paid training for workers learning skilled trades;
     Training 50,000 teachers in computer science to pass along to the nation’s students;
     Completing the nation’s high-speed broadband network so that every home and business has internet service.
     Clinton did not provide cost estimates for her economic plan, but said it would be the largest federal economic investment since World War II, and for every $1 billion spent, 47,500 jobs would be created.
     Thousands of supporters packed the union hall — along with some protesters — and chanted “Hillary” several times, followed by “Harry” several more, as Clinton arrived along with U.S. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada.
     Clinton also spoke at length against her opponent, GOP candidate Donald Trump, saying the election comes down to “You’re fired” versus “You’re hired.”
     She told the pro-union audience that Trump’s businesses often don’t pay small businesses for work done, rely on foreign workers, and have their products made in China.
     Clinton said she didn’t understand why Trump says he can’t use U.S. workers, and lamented job losses due to the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, and the trade deficit with China.
     Clinton did not say her husband, former President Bill Clinton, signed NAFTA in 1993 and touted it at the time as a major early economic achievement for his administration. Pres. Clinton also granted permanent most-favored nation trade status to China, despite objections from members of Congress.
     Clinton also urged the audience to vote for Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto to replace Reid, saying she needs Democrats to control the Senate if she is elected and wants to get something done.
     Reid spoke immediately prior to Clinton, telling the audience that this year’s general election could be an historic one.
     “We’ve got a chance to change America” by electing the first woman president and the first Latina U.S. Senator, Reid said.
     Masto is Hispanic and running against Rep. Joe Heck, R-Las Vegas, for the U.S. Senate seat Reid has held the past 24 years.
     “I don’t want this seat to go to a man named ‘Joe,'” Reid said.

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