Clinics Accused of Letting Disabled Die

     MADISON (CN) – University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics deny “end of life” care to people with developmental disabilities that they do not deny to people who are not disabled, Disability Rights Wisconsin claims in Dane County Court. The group claims the policy caused “at least one death of a child with developmental disabilities.”

     The group claims that a 13-year-old boy with “cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia, encephalopathy, developmental delay and a seizure disorder,” who was unable to speak and hearing-impaired, was denied care that would not have been denied to a healthier patient.
     It claims that “guardians of people who survive the illegal and discriminatory treatment are often reluctant to challenge an institution that may be treating their wards in the future.”
     And the group claims the defendants issued a Do Not Resuscitate order for a 72-year-old woman with developmental disabilities, who then recovered on her own. It claims that the family believed it had been subjected to “undue pressure on the part of w UWHC physician to terminate life-sustaining medical treatment to (the woman).”
     Also sued are UW Clinic administrators and doctors and the University of Wisconsin School of Public Health.
     Plaintiffs are represented by Mitchell Hagopian.

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