Class Sues School Of Culinary Arts

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – The California School of Culinary Arts and Career Education Corp. fraudulently solicit students with misleading claims about the school’s selectivity and graduates’ career prospects, a class action claims in Superior Court. The named plaintiffs say they are each $50,000 in debt, after the defendants lured them with ads on “television, radio, print, and direct mail advertisements and in-person recruitment at high school campuses.”

     The two named plaintiffs say they each incurred $50,000 in debts, while a community college program in the same subject would have given as good or better value for $2,000.
     Plaintiffs claim that to entice students to enroll the defendants lie repeatedly: about its contacts in the field, the quality and selectiveness of its programs, its job-seeking assistance and the employment rates of its graduates. As is often the case in these class actions, defendants are accused of counting any student who found any job whatsoever, even if they found it without the defendants’ help, as being successfully placed in a job.
     Plaintiffs demand restitution and punitive damages for fraud, unfair competition and violations of business laws. They are represented in Superior Court by Behrem Parekh with Kirtland & Packard of El Segundo.

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