Class Claims Wells Fargo Violates Privacy|By Taping Harassing Collection Calls

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Wells Fargo Bank and its creature, America’s Servicing Co., violate state wiretap laws by secretly recording and monitoring calls from “particularly aggressive” collectors who subject mortgage debtors to “a constant and unrelenting barrage of telephone calls,” a class action claims in Superior Court.

     Plaintiffs say Wells Fargo uses ASC to dun its own borrowers, and hires out ASC to dun debtors for other lenders.
     “Borrowers who fall behind on their mortgage payments receive a constant and unrelenting barrage of telephone class from ASC,” the complaint states. “Aside from the harassing nature of this practice, ASC also surreptitiously records and/or monitors consumers’ telephone conversations without informing consumers or obtaining their consent and permission to do so. This practice violates California’s Invasion of Privacy Act, is negligent and violates common law privacy rights of California consumers. It is for these violations that plaintiffs, individually and on behalf of all class members, seek redress from defendants.”
     Plaintiffs’ lead counsel is Paul Kiesel with Kiesel Boucher Larson.

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