Class Claims Sony Console Becomes a Brick

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Sony and Square Enix refuse to reimburse PlayStation 3 owners when their game consoles permanently freeze from playing defective copies of “Final Fantasy XIII,” according to a class action in Federal Court.
Lead plaintiff Daniel Wolf says his $500 PlayStation 3 (PS3) stopped working after he tried to save his “Final Fantasy XIII” game, and wouldn’t work when he tried to play other video games.

     Gamers call it “bricking” because the console becomes no better than a brick.
     Wolf says Sony offered to fix his console for $270.
     He says he eventually agreed to buy a refurbished PS3 for $150 from Sony because he could not afford to pay Sony for the fix, but it “lacked the functionality of the PS3 system he originally purchased.”
     The class claims Sony and Square Enix, which makes Final Fantasy XIII, “are eminently aware of the damage being caused by their defective products, and have chosen to do nothing about it,” though both companies “have been deluged with consumer complaints” since the game was released in March this year.
     The companies have blamed each other for the problem, and neither has recalled the game or the PS3, or disseminated a fix for the defective products, according to the complaint.
     The class demands more than $5 million in damages and restitution for breach of warranty, unfair competition and product liability. They are represented by Kristen Law Sagafi with Lieff Cabraser.

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