Class Claims Legal Publisher Violated Privacy

CHICAGO (CN) – West Publishing disclosed and tried to sell millions of drivers’ personal information on one of its Web sites, according to a federal class action. The class claims the Minnesota-based legal publishing giant violated their privacy by posting their names, addresses, VIN numbers, vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers on the Internet for “commercial purposes and profit.”

     West published a searchable online database of “highly restricted” personal information of millions of drivers from 28 states and the District of Columbia, according to the complaint.
     West got the motor vehicle records by claiming the information would be used for “legitimate purposes,” not for public display, the complaint states.
     The class claims that West unjustly enriched itself and violated the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act. It seeks an injunction and at least $2,500 in damages for each class member.
     Lead counsel is Ben Barnow.

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