Class Claims Computer School is Bogus

MANHATTAN (CN) – The Computer Learning Center of Metropolitan New York lured students with ads that promised job interviews but were actually pitches for students, then failed to offer the training or job placements it promised after charging as much as $15,000, according to a class action in New York County Court.

     Lead plaintiff Anthony Diakonikolas claims that “prior to enrolling in the defendant’s courses, the plaintiffs … found the defendant’s advertisement in several job listing Web sites and newspapers. Because of the intentionally misleading nature of the advertisement, the plaintiffs understood the job placement advertisement as a job interview, not an advertisement for education services.”
     Diakonikolas says that “upon attending the initial ‘seminar’ advertised, the plaintiffs learned that the seminar was not a job interview at all, but a means of enrolling the plaintiffs in certification courses with a supposed guarantee of job placement at the end of their classwork.”
     After spending more than $15,000 for the defendant’s services, Diakonikolas says the school “did not provide any member of the class with job placement,” and “failed to provide 100 hours of paid training,” as promised.
     Diakonikolas says that in 2004 the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision found the school had violated New York Education Law, including using “false and misleading advertising” to lure students, and teaching “unapproved curriculum.”
     He wants his money back, costs, and other relief. He is represented by Diane McFadin.

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